The variability in surfaces is one of the most popular trend themes at the most recent furniture fairs in Cologne and Milan. With the surfaces domovari GLAS, domovari CERAM and domovari NATURAL STONE we take up this trend and give you the opportunity to design and create even more individual, exclusive and inimitable bathroom furnishings.

domovari GLASS

Furniture fronts and top panels made of back-printed or lacquered glass give the chosen motif or colour special depth and brilliance. Individual picture motifs transform the bathroom furniture into a mood-creating unique piece. But the entire RAL and NCS colour range can also be used for creative planning and interesting colour accents. The glass fronts and top panels can be combined as desired with veneer or lacquer bodies.


The domovari natural stone finishes, available in the colours of earthen, concrete and lignis, promise an exciting and surprising surface feel. They consist of a mixture of quartz sand, natural rubber, latex and acrylic and can be applied to all top basins, surfaces and bathtubs. Each coated part becomes an individual unique piece, as the coatings are applied by hand in several layers, creating an inimitable structure.

CERAM surfaces

Pulpis, Calacatta, Beton and Crema Marfil are the names of the four new surfaces made of porcelain stoneware, a natural product made of clay, feldspar and quartz sand. CERAM surfaces are waterproof, scratch-resistant, acid-resistant and very easy to clean. The cool elegance of the stone impression invites you to try exciting material combinations, or will captivate you, in a completely pure way, with its exquisite simplicity. Fronts, sides and cover plates can be made of porcelain stoneware.

We also process ceramic surfaces provided by the customer. For this you will receive a drawing from us, which determines the cut to size. We mount the provided panels on your furniture.